iXscient was established in 2003 by a team of individuals who each have over 25 years of experience in performing and commercialising R&D including:

  • Managing departments within a commercial R&D organisation
  • Managing major R&D programmes
  • Developing and licensing our own innovations
  • Participating in the development and licensing of outside technology
  • Initiating and managing start-ups
  • Playing a major role in technology company flotation

Our technological experience covers areas as diverse as microsystems and microfluidics for pharmaceutical and biodiagnostic applications, biometric systems, sensors, data mining software, materials, radar systems and communications.

We have an excellent track record in writing successful proposals in a very competitive environment:

In large FP6/7 Integrated(ing) Projects, our success rate is 80% (4 out of 5)
In small FP6/7 "STREP" Projects, our success rate has been 33% (5 out of 14)
In large UK Research Council Grants, we have a 100% success rate (2 out of 2)

For more details, look at some of our case studies or Project Management activities.

Dave Wenn - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dave Wenn is a proven Operations and Senior Project Manager with outstanding management, commercial, technical and financial skills honed in the Research and Development sector. He spent 20 years at the Central Research Laboratories (CRL), formerly the corporate research laboratories of Thorn EMI, most recently as Operations Manager for the Bio & Chemical Instrumentation Group, working on microfluidic devices for chemical, pharmaceutical and biodiagnostic applications.

Subsequent to this, Dave worked part-time at the University of Southampton as Project Manager on an EU FP5 project (“Optonanogen”) and at Brunel University as Business Manager working in the Research Support Development Office.

Dave has been involved with numerous other EU collaborative projects at all stages including identifying research opportunities, setting up consortia, writing proposals, contract negotiation, implementation & delivery, and Project Management & Coordination. He gained his BSc in Chemistry, Physics & Computing from Southbank University in 1992.

Other examples of projects for which Dave has been Project Manager:

  • IP-based Networks, Services and Terminals for Converging Systems (INSTINCT) – FP6 Integrated Project, successfully completed.
  • Smart Integrated Biodiagnostic Systems for Healthcare (SmartHEALTH) – FP6 Integrated Project, successfully completed. http://www.smarthealthip.com
  • Nano-Optical Mechanical Systems (NOMS) – FP7 STREP Project, successfully completed.
  • ICT-enabled, cellular artificial liver system incorporating personalized patient management and support (d-LIVER) – FP7 Integrating Project, on-going. http://www.d-liver.eu
  • Autonomous Control of Large-scale Water Treatment Plants based on Self-Organized Wireless BioMEM Sensor and Actuator Networks (HYDROBIONETS) – FP7 STREP Project, successfully completed. http://www.hydrobionets.eu
  • Living Photonics: Monitoring light propagation through cells (LiPhos) – FP7 STREP Project, on-going. http://www.liphos.eu
  • RAIS - Scalable, point-of-care and label free microarray platform for rapid detection of Sepsis - H2020 Project, on-going. http://www.rais-project.eu
  • EPoS - Elucidating Pathways of Steatohepatitis - H2020 Project, on-going. http://www.epos-nafld.eu

Mike Jackson - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mike Jackson is an experienced project and business development manager with extensive management, business development, and technical skills in technology Research and Development. He has delivered projects from conception to the market within tight budgetary and time constraints. In addition he has a wealth of experience in scientific and engineering solutions, together with the ability to envision, write proposals, implement and deliver both commercial and publicly financed research.

Mike spent 21 years at the Central Research Laboratories (CRL), formerly the corporate research laboratories of Thorn EMI, most recently as Business Development Manager for the Bio & Chemical Instrumentation Group. Subsequent to this he worked for the University of Warwick as a Project Manager and for Brunel University in both business development and project management roles. He has a BEng (Hons) in Electronic Engineering and a PGDip in Management Studies together with experience of managing large multi-disciplinary teams. His technical expertise lies in the area of instrumentation and microengineering.

Examples of projects for which Mike has been Project Manager:

  • SAFE (Special Non-Invasive Advances in Foetal and Neonatal Evaluation Network) – FP6 Network of Excellence.
  • Diadem ((Delivering Inclusive Access for Disabled and Elderly Members of the community) – FP6 STREP.
  • Coeliac Disease Management Monitoring and Diagnosis using Biosensors and an Integrated Chip System (CD-MEDICS) – FP7 Integrating Project, successfully completed. http://www.etseq.urv.es/cdmedics
  • Innovative After-Treatment System for Marine Diesel Engine Emission Control (DEECON) – FP7 STREP Project, successfully completed. http://www.deecon.eu
  • eSTI2 (electronic self testing instruments for sexually transmitted infections) UKCRC funded, on-going. http://www.esti2.org.uk

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