iXscient provides optical design services for development and optical simulation of linear and radial microfresnel lenses, lenticular, prismatic and microlens arrays, with both full design and analysis and ray traced optical simulation of associated microstructured optical films. Ray tracing can be ‘forwards’ from light source or ‘backwards’, generating an imaged view.

Projects have included:-

  • Curved linear lens with optimised profile for low concentration solar power
  • Reflective microlens array for lighting
  • Optical structures for enhanced PV
  • Radial silicone lens for medium concentration for space application
  • Algae luminescent collectors for light harvesting and redistribution
  • High density LED array for enclosed algae cultivator
  • Linear LED diffusers for food refrigerator illumination

In-house Software for Fresnel lens design – ray trace and light profile at focus

Full optical ray trace

Measurements of linear fresnel lens performance against ‘beta’ off axis solar angle (1.5D tracking)

Backward Ray traced microlens array

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