iXscient have been involved in the design, manufacture and testing of novel methods for light harvesting and distribution optical solutions in algae photobioreactors, including high efficiency photobioreactor artificial lighting systems. iXscient is able to exploit its optical expertise, optical modelling, optical film production and prototype design and build capabilities to develop solutions tailored to an application and photobioreactor design.

In the FP7 project “Solalgen”, iXscient has developed and patented a design of improved passive illumination, using luminescent panels, and integrated active (waveguided, high efficiency, wavelength specific LEDs) PBR lighting. Such enhanced illumination improve the ability of PBRs to operate in low solar environments which can be critical, since, for example, wastewater processing algae facilities have to be co-located with the plant, rather than in selected high solar environments.

In algae lighting, iXscient offers the following capabilities:-

  • Design, optimisation and supply of enhanced solar lighting solutions for photobioreactors and open ponds based upon solar light collection and high efficiency artificial lighting solutions, and their combination
  • Design, optimisation and supply of tailored LED-based lighting solutions for a wide range of algae photobioreactors
  • Installation on clients’ sites


Solar light harvesting for photobioreactors

Artificial lighting for photobioreactors