iXscient expertise has arisen from conducting leading edge applied research and development over the last 25 years both within the setting of large research organizations and SMEs. It has a large network of technical associates and speciality suppliers. iXscient is able to bring its experience to technical development projects including: concepts and solutions; initial designs; sourcing and integration of components and processes; and supply of complete prototypes.

Our technical capabilities include:

  • Micromachining and prototype construction
  • CAD design
  • Optical modelling

iXscient focuses its R&D technical activities mainly on microfluidics, including biological diagnostic devices, and optics and optical designs.

In the hybrid solar PV/thermal project 'Intensol', iXscient developed a novel liquid cooled concentrated photovoltaic receiver with integrated electrical, thermal and secondary optics including developing the manufacturing processes for ensuring high thermal conductivity from cell to micromachined liquid cooler. It also designed the modules holding the primary optics and receivers.



Intensol liquid cooled high concentration solar PV receiver