By using high efficiency LED lighting, carefully choosing the LEDs on the basis of lumens per watt and wavelength, integrated with appropriate optics (such as waveguides), virtually all the artificial light can be coupled into photobioreactors.

iXscient has developed a number of LED lighting solutions for tubular photobioreactors and for fully enclosed bioreactors.

Active illumination of a small tube bioreactor lighting demonstrator unit with (waveguided)
blue and red LEDs (integrated with passive light collection and distribution)


At Packington sewage treatment plant in the UK, Severn Trent Water is seeking to implement a number of potential technologies for the removal of phosphorus from waste water to achieve new European limits for discharge water. Cranfield University has developed an algae-based phosphorus removal system, and iXscient Ltd, based on their work in algae illumination solutions, was contracted to provide the artificial lighting system for algae growth in the processing tank.

Ixscient designed, implemented and installed a removable high brightness LED-based underwater algae lighting system.

Lighting rig awaiting craning into the tank


Lowering the lighting rig into the tank


Immersed lighting system


Fully installed


Power cabinet