iXscient can provide a full proposal writing service, starting at an early stage with discussions of ideas for an area of development, identification of funding opportunities, and subsequently putting together the consortium and collating and writing the proposal. During the detailed proposal writing stage, iXscient will ideally manage the overall process including discussions with the partners, requesting technical and financial information, and compiling the overall proposal and budget tables. One of the reasons why we are so successful with our proposals (see Track Record below) is that we treat the proposal writing as a project in its own right, which needs to be properly managed like any other project.

However, we can offer a bespoke service to suit your own needs. At the other end of the scale, we can just provide comments on your own written proposal prior to submission in order to make improvements and increase your chances of success. Remember, competition for research funds is very intense and even an extra half mark during the evaluation process can often make the difference between being funded or not.We also offer short hands-on seminars and instruction in proposal writing, Project Management, reporting requirements and detailed issues associated mainly with EU FP7 or H2020 projects, but also UK national projects.

Benefits to our clients

For proposal writing, the benefits we bring to our clients can be summarised as follows:

  • A combination of technical understanding with extensive experience of writing winning proposals for a wide variety of programmes (EU Framework, UK Research Councils, UK Technology Strategy Board, Glaxo Wellcome Trust, etc.)
  • For EU projects, a knowledge of the calls, EU commissioners & National Contact Points, together with an understanding of the contractual, financial & reporting requirements
  • A flexible approach in the way that we work with clients, with a service which can be tailored to your specific needs
  • Where iXscient is identified as the Project Manager, we can offer a discount on our proposal writing services

Track Record of Proposal Writing

Our overall proposal writing success rate is as follows:

FP6/7 Integrated(ing) Projects = 80% (4 out of 5)
FP6/7 STREP Projects = 33% (5 out of 14)
UK Research Council Grants = 100% (2 out of 2)

These figures should be compared with the overall success rate for EU Framework projects of around 7-10% and for research councils of around 35%.

The figures above cover all the proposals in FP6/FP7 where iXscient has taken the lead in the overall proposal writing process. This is where we add most benefit for our clients. In many cases we have been involved in the discussion of the initial technical ideas and have also gone on to Project Manage the successful projects. In other cases, we have written a successful proposal, but not been involved in the subsequent implementation.

Proposals where we have just been asked to provide a Management section or just to comment on an existing proposal are not included, as we clearly have much less impact on the success of the proposal, although we can certainly improve the chances of success in these cases.

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