Luminescent panels are used to capture light, convert wavelengths using fluorescent dyes from low to high PAR and direct the light within the panel using waveguiding. Solid and liquid waveguides collect and distribute the light to improve illumination throughout bulk of medium.


Open Pond light Harvesting and Distribution

Systems consists of Luminescent ‘petals’, a cylindrical liquid light guide and conical reflector redirecting the light into the bulk of the algae medium.

Open Pond light collection and distribution units


Large tubular photobioreactor solution

Fluorescent films convert wavelengths and direct light to underside. Reflective film concentrates the incident solar light and the emitted fluorescent light on tube.

Large tubular bioreactor light collection and distribution system


Small tube illuminator

Fluorescent panels harvest light and redirect to the tube with high efficiency.

Small tubular bioreactor lighting demonstration system with luminescent waveguide panels