In recent years, the European Commission and UK Research Councils have come to recognise the benefits of professional project management, particularly for larger, collaborative projects. Universities typically do not have personnel with the required Project Management expertise. Even where this does exist, many academic personnel would prefer to concentrate on the scientific aspects of a project, rather than the management and administration.

iXscient can provide a professional Project Management capability. All our personnel have extensive experience of both performing and managing research projects in a commercial R&D organisation. We have particular experience in managing multi-national collaborative research projects, especially EU Framework programmes.

We have a strong track record with all of the projects that we have managed. All projects which have been completed have been successful and not a single one has been terminated or suspended. Please see some of our letters of recommendation from people we have worked with.


Benefits to our clients

For Project Management, the benefits we bring to our clients can be summarised as follows:

  • Combination of technical understanding with extensive project management skills
  • Understanding of the contractual, financial & reporting requirements
  • Knowledge of how to preserve IP ownership in a collaborative framework
  • Can deal with contentious issues without damaging your personal/professional/ institutional relationships

For EU Framework projects, we typically become a partner within the consortium, fully funded by the European Commission. This also means that iXscient has a strong incentive to ensure the success of the project.